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Credibility comes before profitability

The JAA International Jewellery Fair saw tremendous interest in the newly designed website of the Diamond Dealers club of Australia and its new features, with our team fielding many enquiries and signing up new potential members.

GIA Synthetic Diamond Testing Machine
GIA Synthetic Diamond Testing Machine

We announced the arrival of the synthetic diamond testing machine, generously donated to Australia by the GIA. It will be operational in October 2014 and free to use for all DDCA members. The aim of having such a machine is to safeguard the trade and consumers from synthetics being passed off as naturals. To insure maximum benefit to the whole industry we received special permission from the GIA to install the machine at the premises of GSL under the care and operation of Bil Sechos, the pre-eminent lecturer on diamond technology in Australia. Many valuers and gemmologists thanked us, as did members of the JAA for enabling the whole trade to benefit from such a machine. Currently in Australia it can take months to have a stone tested, but this new device will give results in minutes.

Many visitors expressed great interest in the new DDCA diamond trading portal, which allows wholesalers and retailers to make connections, trade, and rate each other after doing business. Our goal is to improve and stimulate trading amongst members of the diamond jewellery industry in Australia and increase the exposure of credible players in the market.

Critically, the trading portal is only available to Australian Diamond Dealers – it’s about the goods in-country and looking to level the playing field. The large merchants who send travellers with goods to sell do not have the overheads that we have in Australia, and can often work on very low margins. Admittedly they rarely provide goods on consignment – our goal is to help both the local merchant and retailer in-country in any and every way we can to succeed in these challenging times.

rami at show
DDCA president Rami Baron at the tradeshow booth
tamara gabay the new general manager of the ddca
Tamara Gabay, new General Manager of the DDCA

Flawless Investments DDCAFlawless Investments is a 3rd generation family run business located in the heart of Sydney.

With over 60 years of diamond and jewellery knowledge, the art of merging gorgeous diamonds with exquisite designs becomes a reality in our studios.

Unlike traditional jewellers or diamond merchants who are either one or the other, Flawless Investments is a combination of both.

Each unique appointment represents an opportunity for us to take you on our diamond adventure.


The Diamond Club the Place for Custom Made Engagement Rings and Wholesale Diamonds Perth, Australia

The Diamond Club is dedicated to delivering the highest quality certified diamonds, for Engagement Rings and all other Diamond Jewellery, at the absolute lowest prices available anywhere to the public in a no-pressure and comfortable environment that focuses on the needs of our consumers and educating them to that end. We specialize in custom made diamond, engagement rings and diamond wholesale, Perth.

The Diamond Club was founded in 1983 by Pierre and is still a family owned business. They are now located in Perth, WA, Australia. Keep in mind, when you call The Diamond Club – you will almost always be speaking with Pierre.


For the past 25 years The House of GS has become a true destination for people who are after divine creations attracting clientele from all around Australia and overseas.

Award winning designers and gemmologist. Specialising in quality certified diamonds with access to over 120,000 diamonds, GS Diamonds has one of the biggest range of engagement rings in Australia. 

Services Include: remodelling, valuations, wholesale diamonds, repairs, polishing and
rhodium plating, laser inscription on your diamond.


Show that special someone how much you care with Jacobson’s fine diamond rings


Jacobson’s Jewellery provides beautiful diamond rings, high quality diamond engagement rings, handcrafted to reflect your desires. With over 40 years of experience, our family-owned and operated jewellery business is committed to creating the highest calibre diamond rings, offering you jewellery that is truly unique, and dimaond rings that will be treasured for years to come.

Allow us to create a diamond engagement ring that shows your special someone how much you care. Our custom design and careful personalized crafting means that your visions and dreams can come true. Choose the finest diamonds- the staff at Jacobson’s Jewellery are the experts on all matters of diamond rings, and are waiting to create the perfect design for your needs.

About Us: Jacobson’s fine diamond rings Sydney

Jacobson’s Jewellery is a family owned and operated business. Our rich tradition of creating fine diamond rings dates back to 1974, when Jacob Saffo began trading as a jeweler in Istanbul. When you visit one of our stores today, you are instantly welcomed into a warm environment that is managed by one of Jacob’s sons. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority- our staff are all jewelers, not just sales assistants, and have a great wealth of knowledge and experience regarding all matters of diamond engagement rings.

Our company vision is to continue to provide the highest quality diamond rings Sydney, uniquely handcrafted diamond rings and other special pieces of jewellery. We strive to educate our customers, guiding you throughout the sometimes confusing world of diamonds so that you always know exactly what you are buying, making sure you are one hundred per cent satisfied with your purchase.

Diamond rings and more: Our great selection

While Jacobson’s specialises in beautiful diamond rings, we also offer a wide range of other handcrafted jewellery items. With pieces handcrafted from white, yellow or rose gold, silver, platinum or a combination of precious metals, and ornamented with diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones, opals, pearls and more, we have something to satisfy all budgets and tastes.

Browse through a gorgeous selection of diamond rings and also other products

Diamond Rings

Whether you are looking for a classic style, or diamond rings with a more contemporary and individual look, our beautiful diamond jewellery collection is sure to contain something that meets your fancy. No matter what you choose, you are sure to receive a piece that is handcrafted for the finest quality. Browse through our unique collection today and choose the perfect item for your needs and desires.

All about diamonds: Choosing a diamond engagement ring

When you’re choosing a diamond engagement ring, the range of options can often be overwhelming. To make sure you are one hundred per cent satisfied with your purchase, it is important to seek the guidance of somebody who has a specialist knowledge of diamonds and the different types of diamond engagement rings on the market.

Diamonds may look all the same at first glance, but in fact there are many different factors to consider when buying a diamond ring. Our experienced staff at Jacobson’s Jewellery can help you to understand these differences and to guide you towards the best ring for your needs.

Custom design diamond engagement rings

Jacobson’s Jewellery offers you custom designed jewellery of the highest quality, ensuring that your diamond ring precisely matches your needs, tastes and desires. When you choose our services to individually create your diamond engagement ring, our experienced jewellers sit down with you personally to discuss the type of piece you wish for. Based on your ideas, we develop a beautiful and unique design, which, once you have approved it, will be crafted by the same jeweller into your finished diamond ring.

Our personalised approach from start to finish ensures that the goals for your design are perfectly encapsulated in the finished piece. Your satisfaction is our number one priority- we spend as much time with you as is required to create adiamond ring that you will treasure forever.

Services: Diamond ring resizing, polishing and more

In addition to creating beautiful diamond rings, we offer you a range of jewellery services that include:

Quality Diamond Rings

  • Repairs
  • Resizing
  • Polishing
  • Maintenance
  • Valuations
  • Diamond grading
  • Advice
  • Replacements

When you’re looking for the perfect diamond ring, choose the jewellers that truly understand diamonds and who are committed to meeting your every need. Come and visit us in one of our stores, or get a quote now. Our diamond ring specialists are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to choose the perfect piece.

Have you recently purchased or been lucky enough to have received a beautiful diamond engagement ring? Chances are, you or your fiancé invested a significant amount of time and effort researching the specifics of diamonds, visiting numerous stores and talking to jewellers, family and friends before deciding upon the perfect ring. After going through such an intense, emotional process and investing so much into a single decision, it is surprising that so many people fail to consider how they will protect the ring once it leaves the store. The thought of losing or damaging such a precious symbol of love and commitment is truly upsetting. Knowing your ring is covered by a superior jewellery insurance policy can significantly lessen this feeling, offering peace of mind knowing that if such a situation ever arose, you are 100% protected. The Q Report offers a specialist jewellery insurance policy offering;

  • Agreed value policy
  • Confidence to wear your ring worldwide
  • Free evaluation of the ring at renewal
  • Guaranteed return to your jeweller – you bought from your preferred jeweller and that is who you go back to!
  • $100 excess covering lost, stolen and damage rings

Protect the things you love by insuring your ring with Q Report before you leave your jeweller, or as soon as possible!


WARRANTY is intended to cover consumers for manufacturing defects for a limited time. It’s a guarantee that a product has been made correctly, that you are getting what you paid for.

INSURANCE will cover you for things like accidental damage, malicious damage, and loss and theft.

Understanding these differences is essential, particularly because some consumers are being misled when it comes to warranties, which are absolutely no replacement for insurance.

The ACCC has issued a warning to jewellers about extended warranties. There have been complaints there are some jewellers making claims that an extended warranty has certain benefits when it does not, and that an extended warranty provides additional benefits which consumers are in fact already entitled to.

Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides consumers with automatic guarantees. Depending on the product purchased, these guarantees could last beyond any warranty provided.

Several business have been taken to court by the ACCC, including Hewlett-Packard Australia, who had been making misleading claims to their customers regarding their rights. This included telling them that the warranty period for HP products was limited to a specific amount of time, and that the customer would have to pay extra to extend this period.

The important thing to remember here is that according to the ACCC, extended warranties should only be offered to consumers if they provide benefits beyond what consumers get automatically under the consumer guarantees. If any business sells extended warranties any less than or the same as what people are already entitled to, it leads consumers to think that they are getting extra benefits when they are not.

This puts an even stronger emphasis on the fact that warranty is no replacement for insurance. Not only is warranty entirely insufficient if you were to lose or damage your new engagement ring or other piece of jewellery, but you can’t even be sure that paying for extra services will make any difference!