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Have you recently purchased or been lucky enough to have received a beautiful diamond engagement ring? Chances are, you or your fiancé invested a significant amount of time and effort researching the specifics of diamonds, visiting numerous stores and talking to jewellers, family and friends before deciding upon the perfect ring. After going through such an intense, emotional process and investing so much into a single decision, it is surprising that so many people fail to consider how they will protect the ring once it leaves the store. The thought of losing or damaging such a precious symbol of love and commitment is truly upsetting. Knowing your ring is covered by a superior jewellery insurance policy can significantly lessen this feeling, offering peace of mind knowing that if such a situation ever arose, you are 100% protected. The Q Report offers a specialist jewellery insurance policy offering;

  • Agreed value policy
  • Confidence to wear your ring worldwide
  • Free evaluation of the ring at renewal
  • Guaranteed return to your jeweller – you bought from your preferred jeweller and that is who you go back to!
  • $100 excess covering lost, stolen and damage rings

Protect the things you love by insuring your ring with Q Report before you leave your jeweller, or as soon as possible!