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Exclusive IDEX Offer for DDCA/WFDB Members

LogosWe are pleased to announce that DDCA members have been offered access to the IDEX Monthly Price Report. See the WFDB press release below for more information.

Interested DDCA members can email Yaron Barzilay, the Managing Director of IDEX Online India at: yaron.barzilay@idexonline.com


The WFDB is always looking for new ways to bring you, our valued members, the tools and information necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

The IDEX Monthly Price Report is an objective and transparentwholesale price report distributed to over 76,000 subscribers worldwide. The report reflects asking prices for highquality diamonds in the global professional diamond centers.

*IDEX bases the report on statistical algorithm analysis performed on the approximately 700,000 certified diamonds listed on its trading platform. These listings come from thousands of diamond manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers from all of the major diamond trading centers and provides a reliable representation of prices in the wholesale market.

An exclusive offer from IDEX to all of our members*:

  • Buyers: A FREE IDEX Premium yearly membership. This includes full access to the IDEX Trading Floor, which offers live supply listings and dynamic pricing features.
    • Premium membership includes free access to the Guaranteed Diamond Transactions™ (GDT™) network, which features a proprietary and unique online transaction clearing function, as well as IDEX’s Buying Services through which IDEX fully guarantees authentication and delivery to buyers, as well as securing funds for suppliers.
  • Diamond Suppliers: An IDEX Pro yearly membership for suppliers who want to upload their inventory to the IDEX Trading Floor at a rate of only $420 (a 50% discount off the usual price).
    • This option allows suppliers to upload an unlimited number of diamonds, as well as certificates of any type. Membership comes with an unlimited number of logins.

The IDEX trading floor is completely transparent and impartial and offers unbiased pricing information.`

All IDEX members are KP-and AML-compliant.

For more information, feel free to contact the WFDB at any time.







Ernie Blom