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DDCA at The JAA International Jewellery Fair

Credibility comes before profitability

The JAA International Jewellery Fair saw tremendous interest in the newly designed website of the Diamond Dealers club of Australia and its new features, with our team fielding many enquiries and signing up new potential members.

GIA Synthetic Diamond Testing Machine
GIA Synthetic Diamond Testing Machine

We announced the arrival of the synthetic diamond testing machine, generously donated to Australia by the GIA. It will be operational in October 2014 and free to use for all DDCA members. The aim of having such a machine is to safeguard the trade and consumers from synthetics being passed off as naturals. To insure maximum benefit to the whole industry we received special permission from the GIA to install the machine at the premises of GSL under the care and operation of Bil Sechos, the pre-eminent lecturer on diamond technology in Australia. Many valuers and gemmologists thanked us, as did members of the JAA for enabling the whole trade to benefit from such a machine. Currently in Australia it can take months to have a stone tested, but this new device will give results in minutes.

Many visitors expressed great interest in the new DDCA diamond trading portal, which allows wholesalers and retailers to make connections, trade, and rate each other after doing business. Our goal is to improve and stimulate trading amongst members of the diamond jewellery industry in Australia and increase the exposure of credible players in the market.

Critically, the trading portal is only available to Australian Diamond Dealers – it’s about the goods in-country and looking to level the playing field. The large merchants who send travellers with goods to sell do not have the overheads that we have in Australia, and can often work on very low margins. Admittedly they rarely provide goods on consignment – our goal is to help both the local merchant and retailer in-country in any and every way we can to succeed in these challenging times.

rami at show
DDCA president Rami Baron at the tradeshow booth
tamara gabay the new general manager of the ddca
Tamara Gabay, new General Manager of the DDCA