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In an interview with Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA) president Rami Baron, Sarine Technologies CEO Uzi Levami has revealed that the technology exists to consistently grade diamonds, effectively creating one standard across the entire industry – but says that it would be unwelcome.

While it could potentially reduce the effects of human error and bias, Levami believes that it would create a problem which cannot be reconciled with how the market operates in reality.

“Technology even today can grade, or assist in grading all the aspects of the stone.”

Diamond Grading Automation Sarine
Sarine is capable of producing diamond grading machines which could usher in a consistent industry standard.

However, “I think the industry cannot live with one standard. The industry needs this… freedom to be able to present to consumers different measures, or different levels of grading.”

To target different segments of the market, the industry requires tailored selling points.

“The technology is available to do all the grading. The question is, how do you utilise the measurements of the machine in a commercial context?”

After the interview, Rami Baron conceded that a degree of flexibility is required when marketing stones to consumers, but believes there still might be a place for more definitive grading method:

“I think we need to appreciate that what Mr Levami is presenting is the commercial reality of what happens at the coal face with retailers and consumers. Personally I believe we can have a defined standard as the base line. Whatever aspects of the diamond a retailer wishes to highlight to their customer is their choice; but if the consumer in the long term is to have confidence in the value of a natural diamond, there should be a definitive scale.”