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Member Benefits

Benefits include a new trading platform, a diamond price guide, and a member rating system for fair and safe trading.




  • Full Membership – Owner - $550
  • Associate Membership - $225 (non-voting membership) 



  • Face to face meetings per year with the location changing from state to state
  • Virtual online meetings
  • 1-day workshop featuring experts within other industries
  • De Beers training  for staff and managers at a discounted fee
  • Whatsapp Buy & Sell Diamond Demand from member to member
  • Nationwide marketing to promote DDCA members to the public via Hubspot platform
  • Club Dinners at national and international jewellery shows
  • Industry information and training will be emailed to you from around the world. 
  • International Connections & Networking opportunities
  • Members certificate and ID badge
  • Code of Ethics