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What is the ddca?

The DDCA (Diamond Dealers Club of Australia) was founded in 2007 to unite the diamond industry, and to provide a diamond bourse in Australia. The DDCA provides an environment for the trading of diamonds, within a set of trading practices. DDCA has a legal, Ethical framework to enact regulations for members and protect consumer confidence.

The function of the DDCA is as diverse as the members who belong to it. Ethics, good business practice and morality are paramount and these are protected vigorously by the Constitution of the DDCA which provides for Arbitration and Disciplinary procedures against any bourse member who transgresses the DDCA code of practice.

DDCA (Australian diamond bourse) membership to the World Federation of Diamond bourses has opened the Australian Diamond trade to many new possibilities for growth and relationships. As well as cooperation with other bourses and diamond clubs world wide.

Meet the president

Ramin BaronOriginally from Vancouver, Canada, Rami studied Bachelor of Business Studies at the University of Technology in New South Wales. A third generation jeweller, Rami owned and managed a retail store as well as being involved in importing, exporting, manufacturing and the wholesaling of jewellery. Through this journey he converted his knowledge to the operation of insurance related activities within the jewellery industry.

Rami is currently the President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia, and was integral to its induction into the World Federation of Diamond Bourses in May 2008.

In 2012 Rami was part of the team responsible for WORLD DIAMOND MARK TM initiative, a new WFDB marketing plan created for the world diamond and jewellery industry.

Rami was elected to the executive committee of the WFDB, the first Australian to ever hold such a position.

In 2012 he was promoted to Vice Chairman of the WFDB Promotional Committee, and in May 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai, Rami was elected Chairman of this committee. At the same congress he launched the International Young Diamantaires initiative.

“This program is about bringing the next generation of diamantaires forward to provide the new ideas, passion, and inspiration that our industry needs to bring us into the new century.”

“My goal is to challenge our thinking as an industry. Our strategy must be inclusive, not exclusive. Today we must look to inspire the next generation, and accept that all the premises that we base our decisions on can and must be challenged.”